About Us

Big Dog Walkers is run by husband and wife team Jenn & Tommy Southard. We live in Delaware County, PA with our “big dogs”, Norman and Zelda, our two adopted pit bulls.

Jenn grew up with big dogs (Standard Poodle, Welsh Terrier, Australian Cattle dog, and a Labradoodle). Over the last 15 years, she has three Pit Bulls and one American bulldog.

Tommy’s mom worked for an animal rescue, so a house full of dogs and cats was the norm growing up. The family pet was a Black Lab. Over the last 10 years, Tommy has also helped raise three Pit Bulls.

We realized as couple who own & love BIG DOGS, that there is a need in our area for confindent, loving and dependable pet sitters who you can trust to manage your Big Dogs!

We started this business because we ourselves were always stressed about finding someone to watch our own dogs! Then finding some you can trust with the security of your home and care of your pet.